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Here at U Heard It F1rst inc. we focus on artists getting heard and discovered properly and people getting paid for their feedback and opinion.


Designed for people like us

Our goal is not only to give exposure to artists but we also strive to put the money back into the hands of the people.

Get paid Reviewing music

Support artists by earning money giving them your feedback.

Get The Right Exposure

Connect and reflect! Improve your craft with detailed analytics and find your music fanbase.


Our Services

Business Expansion

Earn money using our platform, learn how you can improve your craft, and expand music careers with real feedback from real music listeners verified by Stripe (“Financial infastructure for the internet”).


Getting paid to give your feedback sounds crazy right? Try it out yourself for free to see if its too good to be true. You dont have to put even a penny in!

Enterprise Design

Carefully crafted beautiful, delightful experiences for us all that just keep improving for artists and fans.


From Fyre Entertainment LLC. (music studio) based in Lexington KY to U Heard It F1rst inc. (online music marketing) based in Middletown, Delaware!

Digital Marketing

Directly connect with musical fans around the globe, finally get your music heard by real people with honest feedback to give.

Easy and Fun

Enjoy your time being here! We have carefully crafted this application for best user experience. If you ever have complaints please let us know, we will be more than happy to resolve any issues.


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