The Music Marketing Revolution

U Heard it F1rst

"U can't have a fan until you are heard!"

Get paid to review New Artists! Critique them; Help them grow! This app will be available on Andriod OS as well as iOS! Sign up today to be part of the elite group of beta testers upon completion. Have a real voice in what we listen to! Don't miss out! There is a limited number of beta testers needed. This app allows for there to be direct feedback between listeners and artists. Artists will upload their tracks onto the app and pay to have people listen to their music and leave constructive feedback. For the listeners - In order for listeners to earn money through this app all they need to do is be one of the first people to listen to the song in it's entirety (there will be a limited amount of people who can listen to a song depending on the amount of reviewers the artist paid for. So make sure you try to hear it first!) and leave a review. So what are you waiting for download the app and make money while listening to music now! For the artists - For a small price you can get direct feedback to your work and use it to create the next big hit! You can upload full songs, beats, demos, and even music videos before you even release them to the public. In addition, you as the artists have the power to rate your reviewers and create a better overall experience in the app. Take your music and share it to our app so you can take your music game to a whole new level.